Pirates don't have supply chain issues, arrrgh!

Most retail store arrrrr having major supply chain shortages because they order everything from China n' arrives on a slow cargo ship stuck in the port of Los Angeles. Cheap light toys will not make it this year, as the price of shipping a cargo container ship from increased from $3000 in 2019 to $20,000 in 2021.

We arrr different, 33% of what we sell is made inside arrr retail store/manufacturing warehouse.  Another 33% is designed by us, but made exclusively fer us. Mostly in India, where it is airshipped to us.  We arrr not big enough to fill half a cargo container.  The other 33% we buy from distributor, which half arrrr having issues.  So about 10% of arrr very large stock be short, mostly weapon n' affordable hats. We currently have about 12,000 items in stock, as we normal carry alot of inventory as it  takes a really long time to get pirate plunder.  

It alway be advisable to order or shop early, as last minute shoppers will alway lose out on having the most selection to choice from. This will be especially true fer this year Gasparilla shoppers.

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