Designing of the Custom Women's Gowns

This be arrr ladies formal gown that we we started working on half a decade ago.  We made one prototype the first year, but had issue with it, so we decided to work on the men's 7 seas custom coat.  It wook 2 year to complete that one, which came out wonderful.  We really like to modular build to allow for lots of customization.  We wanted to apply those concepts to what is normally a bespoke gown made specifically fer one individual. 

After 2 more years, we arrr nearly finished. To make this gown, we had to design bum pads, panniers n' tiny custom hat.  We also had to make it fit with arrrr reversable panel corset.  The stomacher on the corset can be used on the gown as well. The stomacher can be worn 3 different way: plain, laced or with bows.

This gown has spin off into 3 different looks: Military, Court (or wedding) n' Colonial.  Each of those looks can be worn 3 different way to protray 3 different time periods.  We made a white wedding gown that can be modified to look completely different by adding colored roses and a different color petticoat.

Since this gown be expensive, we wanted to have lots of customizing options as well as the flexiblity to make to look different without too much effort. They will take 4 to 8 week to individually hand make these amazine gowns.

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