Black Powder Pirate Cannons n' Swivel Gun

After much searching, we finally have arrrr own Gunsmith who be crafting Hand Made period weapons! These be made right here in the USA n' warrantied fer life fer regular use. These flintlocks are fully functional n' ready to use. These not be cheaply made Indian reproduction without a touch hole or flint. All of arrr black powder weapons have been test fired n' be guaranteed to work. We will not ship any black powder weapons to any foreign countries or NYC or NJ.

The ATF - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms defines the term antique firearms to mean any firearm or replica of a firearm manufactured before 1898 (such as matchlock, flintlock, percussion cap or similar type of ignition system). Any muzzle loading rifle, pistol which is designed to use black powder or black powder substitute and cannot use fixed ammunition is not considered a Firearm. This means that no firearms license or paperwork is need to ship this item. Can be shipped by US Mail, UPS or FedEx.