Sea Rover Starter Pirate Outfit

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This be an affordable way to get started in the trade. All this be good quality garb that ye can just add more to enhance yarrr look.  This will not fall apart like a cheap Halloween costume, made of 100% cotton or linen.  


When ye are ready to move up, just add more accessories such as hats, weapons, belts, and footgear. There are 3 different looks, all based on this Starter Pirate Outfit.  You can't go wrong with this one.  You can also just change the look by switch to a different color bandana n' sash.

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Sea Rover Shirt


$ 45.00

Pirate Bandana N Sash Set


$ 40.00

Sold out

Solid Pirate Knee Socks


$ 9.00

Rope Sandals


$ 36.00

Pirate Seamen's Sashes


$ 20.00

Solid Linen Pirate Bandana


$ 12.00