Elizabethan Sea Dogs Outfit

The Sea Dogs be English adventurers or privateers at the time of Elizabeth I of England from 1560 to 1605. In the 1560s, John Hawkins be the leader of the Sea Dogs n' mainly engaged in attacks on Spanish shipping in the Caribbean. The Sea Dogs also engaged in slave trade from Africa.

Sir Francis Drake be the most famous member of the Sea Dogs. He be engaged in the raiding of Spanish shipping as far as the modern day San Francisco Bay on the Pacific coast. Other Sea Dogs were Walter Raleigh n' Martin Frobisher. After 1604, when peace was made with Spain, many Sea Dogs continued their piratical activities by finding employment in the Barbary States, giving rise to Anglo-Turkish piracy, to the embarrassment of the English Crown.

What started out as being legal privateers ended up as free plundering pirates out fer treasures.  The Spanish would hang anyone of them as pirates if caught.

This is the perfect outfit if ye wish to get one outfit to play both a pirate and go to a Renaissance Faire. There be three major pirate time periods. The early pirate period can be divided into two sections, the Elizabethan Sea Dog Era and then the Age of the Buccaneer. The middle period be called the Golden Age of Piracy (1680-1720). The last time period be the Late Pirate Era, around the time of Napoleonic wars.

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