Black Powder Pirate Flintlock Pistol

We make the widest selection of black powder pistols in the world.  Arrrrrrr black powder firearms are better because:
• There are sold as real black powder firing weapons (you did not take to drill the vent hold yarself)
• Lifetime Warrantee (if it breaks during ordinary use, we will fix it, as long as you clean it), many other suppliers warrantee are avoid once fired
• Barrel are proof tested and include proofing card, which is now required at National Parks n' many state parks as well
• Locks are individually timed and tested to fire
• Most are historically accurate, such as they are made of walnut instead of teak, which was a English Crown Requirement

Most people are just looking for the cheapest gun, but do you really want to spend a lot of money on something that won't fire, can't be used at a re-enactment or last more than a few uses.


The Flintlock, sometimes called the French Lock was the last in the line of locks based on the flint. It was developed in France about 1615. Marin le Bourgeoys was given credit for designing it. The basic design became the standard for flintlocks and quickly replaced older firing mechanisms throughout Europe. Flintlocks had a "half cocked" position, which was the "safe" position since pulling the trigger from this position did not cause the gun to fire. Flintlock muskets were the mainstay of European armies between 1660 and 1840.  It was replaced with the percussion cap system. 

The first of the flint based locks was the Snaphance, the English Lock, the Dog Lock, the Miquelet Lock, then finally the French or Flintlock. Pirate Fashion is the only place in the world were you can get all type of locks from the matchlock to the percussion cap.