Double Shell Guard Cutlass

Title: Polished Black

This be a double shell guard cutlass commonly used by pirates in the 16th n' 17th centuries. This be arrrr second sword produced fer Pirate Fashions.  This cutlass be light n' strong, perfect fer stage combat.  There have been single shell guard cutlass massed produced, but this very first double shell guard cutlass. This one be of a European Design of the 1690 to 1740.

• Come in two finishes: Polished Black n' Antiqued Brown (sorry the latest ship be Antiqued Black instead)
• Made of 1060 High Carbon Steel
• Can be used in Left or Right Hand
• Simple Wood Handle with Peened Pommel
• Battle Ready Sword ready fer sword fighting
• 24 inch Heat Tempered Harden Blade,  Unsharped
• Leather Scabbard with metal fittings which are Blued
• Single Edged distal taper Blade with Fuller or Blood Groove
• Overall Length: 31" Weight: 1.8 lbs

 As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.