Cutthroat Anchor Dagger

Title: Anchor Dagger

Avast all ye scruvy dogs looking fer the perfect pirate knife!  This on be a perfect fit in yar teeth while climbing the rigging. After searching though hundreds of daggers made fer landsmen here be one of the very few daggers specifically made fer pirates n' seamen. 

This be of arrr own design based on two different historical daggers. It's not available anywhere else, as we arrrr having this custom made fer us. Features a solid brass anchored guard and pommel.  Nice leather wrapped grip and includes a black leather sheath with button retaining strap. Perfect fer the Golden Age and Late Pirate era. Comes with the PF Anchor Makers Mark.

• Overall Length: 15", Weight: 12 oz

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.