Pirate Small Sword

Title: Pirate Small Sword

Small swords, also known as a court sword, evolved from the longer rapier of the renaissance age. This sword be very popular for dueling in the 1660 to 1860 period. Normally small swords have a 28 to 34 inch blade, but this one is made shorter fer naval combat instead of dueling. Not the first choice for a pirate, but very popular for the Naval officers, Spanish privateers n' French pirates.

This fine weapon be only available at Pirate Fashions.  The rounded, heavy duty triangular blade is design to handle stage combat with the other wide bladed cutlasses in our line.

• Made of 1060 high carbon steel that has been heat tempered.
• Triangular shaped blade is 24 inches long with a rounded tip
• Wire wrapped grip
• Solid brass double shell guard n' shell hilt
• Black leather scabbard with brass mouth piece and tip protector

• Overall Length: 34" Weight: 2 lbs 5 oz