Topman's Knife Set

Title: Rigging Knife & Spike

Pirate Fashions has designed a functional rigging knife kit available fer any true salty sailor. Topmen be the part of the krewe that mains the top sails, some of the most dangerous work on a tallship. Special tools be need to work on the rigging in the freezing rain of a gale force winds at 100 feet above deck. These be the true men of iron.  This is similar to the Knife that Bootstrap Bill gives to Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean, which he later cuts out Will's heart with.

  • Sheep head knifes, be safer if dropped from the rigging than a tradition  spear point knife. The British Royal Navy would make all top men break the tip of the knifes to achieve this shape. 
  •  10 inch knife with a blunted 6 inch blade of heat tempered 1060 high carbon steel. Blade has a convex working edge to avoid rolling the edge under heavy use.
  • The blacken blade will not reflect the light to give yar position away.
  • Marlin Spike be a tool used in ropework such as splicing and untying knots. Short leather lanyard for ease of pulling out. 
  • Both knife n' marlin spike be made of hand forged high carbon steel.
  • Special designed sheath to hold both the knife and marlin spike close to the body so it won't get caught in the rigging.
  • The sheath is also design to hold the tools tightly without it falling out if upside down, but able to release without having to unbuckle anything.
  • Has 2 inch slot to vit a belt.
  • Can be worn in the back or in the front

• Overall Length: 10.5", Weight: 14 oz