Port Royal Outfit

This be arrr first women's pirate cross dressing outfit.  Most women of the Golden Age of Pirates had to dress as men.  We used the style of a men's pirate outfit, but designed for the shape of a woman, so ye can still look sexy.  Comes in a wide range of sizes to comfortably fit small n' big. If you want to go for more authentic look, then buy a men's outfit from the pirate section.  The cravat around the neck is removable, if ye be wanting a more rogue look.




The burgundy version be somewhat similar to the Elizabeth Swann men's outfit in Pirate of the Caribbean 2. We weren't trying to copy that outfit, just trying to make a proper ladies cross dressing outfit.  As women be not allow aboard tallships, it be considered bad luck.  Many a female pirate such as Anne Bonney and Mary Reid dressed as men.

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