Formal Ball Wear

Here be arrr requirement for the Pirate Fashions Formal Ball dress code:

Detail of Dress Code:
This is a formal event n' everyone should be in period formal attire, essentially the historical equivalent of a tuxedo and gown.

Men must be in a Fancy Pirate Frock coat, long sleeved shirt with cravat or jabot around the neck, breeches, sash, belt, socks and pirate hat. We do not want to see cheap halloween coats nor rough ship wrecked frocks. Formal black leather shoe will be preferred to boots as they arrrr hard to dance in.

Here are some link to Complete Men's Outfits that are acceptable:

Capt Hook

Capt Morgan

Brady Pirate Outfit

Captain Charming

Burgundy Pirate Captain

Ladies must be in a 1680 to 1800 period formal gown. An alternative will be a blouse with sleeves elbow length or longer, steel boned overbust corset, overskirt, ankle length petticoat (underskirt) with pannier or bun pads underneath, stocking, etc.

Here are some link to Complete Ladies Outfits that are acceptable:

Lady Pirate Court Gown

The below outfit with skirt and petticoat over pannier or bun pads.

Lady Corset Dress Outfit

Milady Outfit

Piratical Duchess

Lady Kansas Outfit

Fer both men and women: No weapons, as we be providing the pistols fer the dueling match.  We do not want to see any skin about the knees or elbows, for a more formal look.  Shoes should be formal (no tennis shoes), but appropriate fer dancin'.

You may send photo of yar outfit if unsure if will be acceptable, e-mail.

Color Coordinated Couples be the big thing in the 1700's, arrrgh!


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