Captain Morgan Costume

If ye be wanting the very best, authentic outfit of the Captain Morgan Rum character, then here it be.  So much better than a cheap Halloween costume.  This be historic garb that you can wear everyday in the rugged seas. Perfect fer cosplaying this rum drinking scallywag.

Admiral Sir Henry Morgan (Harri Morgan in Welsh; ca. 1635 – 25 August 1688) be the Admiral of the Royal Navy, a privateer, n' a pirate who made a name for himself during activities in the Caribbean, primarily raiding Spanish settlements. He was one of the most notorious and successful privateers of all time, n' one of the most ruthless men who worked in the Spanish Main.


Pirate artist Don Maitz painted the famous logo for Captain Morgan brand spiced rum. Lots of people want to dress as this version of the Captain, but no one really makes a good quality outfit, only cheap Halloween costumes. We decided to make one that the real Sir Henry Morgan would be happy to wear.

NOTE: Make sure you get the Navy colored Knees Breeches n' the Rogue Brown leather Belt n' Baldric when ordering this outfit. This outfit take 3 week or longer, as the  coat is very complex to make.

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