Pirate Fashions First Annual Formal Ball

The first annual Pirate Fashions Formal Ball was a grand success! All who attended where finely dressed in their pirate best, n' we danced the night away to the tune of Rusty Cutlass with Caribbean Pearl orchestrating 3 period dances of the Black Nag, Virgina Reel n' the Spanish Waltz. The dance rehersals prepared many fer these dances, but there was still much silly antics n' fumbled steps keepin' the mood light on the dancefloor. Wild Rover provided amazing food n' great service to our attendees, n' we have many photos we're currently editing to be released in batches though or social media, so any who be interested keep a keen eye peeled fer posted by Pirate Fashions on Facebook. Anyone who may have attended can reach out n' forward any photos they have posted so we can share them on our page. We heard from many couples that they can't wait until next years ball, which we already have in the works!

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