How Real Is It? Pirate Historian Rates 8 Pirate Battles in Movies & TV.


I just watched Rebecca Simon, a piracy Historian, rate pirate battles for realism as part of the Business Insider's YouTube series "How Real Is It". They have hundreds of topics they cover, such as how real are submarine movies. A while back I was contacted because Buisness Insider wanted to use a small segment of one of my Youtube videos on how to load and fire a flintlock pistol.

Overall the video is pretty good n' most of the information be correct, but not all of it; At one point Simon notes cutlasses being made for poking n' not slashing, which isn't quite accurate as that is much more true of rapiers than of cutlasses n' hangers. Despite some of the scewed information n' ratings I don't fully agree with, Simon is a well established historian within the community n' has many publications, including books and articles. I personally also think Buisness Insider could of used much better props for discussing the topic, instead of the cheap Elope foam hats and wall hanger swords.

In this video Simon covers Pirates of the Caribbean, Black Sails, House of Dragon, Treasure Island, Our Flag Means Dead, n' One Piece.


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