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The Piratical Duchess with all the Right Colors

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The most important thing about bein' a pirate is style! N' part o' that means bein' able to pick the right colors! We be experienced Salts when it comes to assemblin' the ideal wardrobe n' pickin' the right color combinations. An outfit like the Piratical Duchess lets us show off Arrr Range o' Fabric combos.

This be an elegant pirate outfit that lets ye dress fer a party or historical occasion, while also letting you mix n' match a variety o' colors. It was more historically accurate to have a fairly monochromatic outfit excluding black n' white, but we believe it's important to have contrast.

Fer example: a matte black combines well with a bright red. Arrr eyes be more receptive to the stark changes n' though it's not always the case- contrasting colors are visually pleasing most o' the time.

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