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Rusty Parrot Opens in St Martin

Last month I had a lovely couple come by who I got the chance to dress up as pirates.  I discovered that they be from a Caribbean island called Saint Martin, a half Dutch, half French island.  They just opened up a place called The Rusty Parrot.

They told me that arrived on the island 8 years n' imagined what life was like during the Golden Age.  Their goal originally was to build a Pirate Museum, but it evolved into a immersive multi-media experience that tells the story of Jack Rackham.  They be very brave souls opening up this venture during the black plague, so if ye be in the area, go board them!

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Pirate Fashions open after Plague Quarantine!

On Wednesday, April 29, Gov. Ron Santis announced first phase of reopening the state of Florida.  It allows for the opening of retail stores and dine-in restaurants to open at 25% capacity starting on May 4.  We arrr trying to getting the entire krewe tested.  We be opening up for arrr regular scheduled Fri - Sat - Sun from 11am to 6pm, starting on May 4.  We are limiting arrr store to a total of 7 pirates, which be 13% of capacity. If ye be tired of staying home, come visit us n' get a new Plague Survivor shirt. Continue reading

Pirates Fashions Closed July 27-29

The sky be falling, as we be cursed with the installation in arrr new ceiling has been coming down.  So we be forced to move our entire showroom out and redo the installation to the ceiling so that we can have a cool place amidst the summer heat.  This be be the very first time we have closed on an entire weekend since we opened 9 years ago. So remember to take a brake the last week of July n' have some rum! 

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Tiger's Adventures in Nepal

Part 2 of Tiger trip to Asia. Nepal be one of the most holy places in the world.  There be a temple on every other block you walk by.  The temples can be small or huge with dozen of different gods and goddess.  The hand craft designs of each temple arr amazing. The richness of this world would make any pirate think he hit the motherload of riches.  However, Nepal is ranked as one of the poorest nations in the world.

I was told that you must be formally introduced by another Nepali to a business and slowly build a relationship to be able to do business with a Nepali company. They had traditions that must be observed. As a pirate, I don't really follow all the rules. I discovered a Women's Coop that employs 80 women who are victims of abuse, violence or poverty.  They are shunned by traditional society and must deal with dirty foreigners fer their livelihood.  Sounds perfect to me.  

They be dyeing beatufitully colored threads from Swiss-made dyes (because the Europeans they sell to have sensitive skin).  They had a number of hand loom in production.  I met a French girl who be apprenticing there to learn the secrets of the olde world, as everything is done by automatic machine in the new world. They were having a ceremony of peace and prosperity when I arrive, so they invited me into it. We discussed arrr first project together.

Walking about the streets of Kathmandu, I stumbled across a Fair Trade Store that represents 65 different tribes making local handy crafts. I made an appointment to meet with their productions staff.  They showed me their fabric stock, and production area of sewers, knitter, and felter. We discussed the design and production of pirate sashes woven of silk and nettle, a local fiber stronger than hemp. It will be a few months to get the sample for approval.

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The Pirate Fashions Blunderbuss History

Feast yar eyes on the Pirate Fashions Blunderbuss! The ideal weapon for clearing a deck o' enemy sailors, sometimes it be called a Musketoon. This basically be a short, carbine-like musket with a flared barrel. While we discuss the blunderbuss we can bust a few myths!

Because o' its flared barrel-end it is assumed that its primary purpose was that it was a shotgun style weapon, in reality the flared barrel allows the shooter to easily load a weapon with shot. While at sea or on horseback it made loading the weapon much easier because ye could dump your ammo into the barrel without worrying about precision. They were shortened muskets essentially so that also helped with loading. They were indeed great compact weapons for close quarters, but their shotgun status should be regarded with some skepticism. If the barrel's flare had an effect on the shotgun's spread we would see more flared barrels today.

We also have a false perception that "anything" could be loaded into a blunderbuss, but the barrel would not last long firing silverware or debris- ye would destroy it internally. With most blackpowder weapons ye could actually load multiple rounds o' shot into the muzzle (two was recommended if ye were to do so.) Ye could fire multiple metal balls with a musket, pistol or blunderbuss. Ye could also load buckshot (numerous small balls) into a weapon n' use it in a shotgun capacity, similar to how a ship's guns could fire Grapeshot.

Arrr Armory has Firing Blunderbusses from most of the Colonial powers in the Spanish Main, n' we also have non-firing replicas- less expensive, but purely for prop usage. Browse Arrr Selection, we've for English, French, Dutch n' Spanish! http://bit.ly/2raJ4vK

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Plannin' Yar Pirate Outfit!

If webe plannin' an outfit from the top we recommend assemblin' the following.

Frock coatsfer the high caliber pirate lookin' to strike the most dashing figure.

Waist coatsfer a hot sunny day at sea, essentialfer any semblance of piratical clout.

Simple or Fancy shirts to convey that ye be a sailin' man (or woman,) we have many options dependin' on the look ye be goin'fer!

Slops n' Knee Breeches, ye have the options to go historically accurate or a little more Hollywood look dependin' onyar preference!

Sashes, Bandanas n' Socks. All o' which should contrast with the rest ofyargarb n' show ye mean business.

Tricorn Hatsfer obvious reasons! They certainly go a long way to protectyar skin from the harsh Caribbean Sun.

Leather Gear to carryyar weapons n' supplies. A baldricbe the most important part o' this so that ye can carryyar blades n' pistol. 

Footgear which could take the form o' authentic buckle shoes n' rope sandals. Or go the badass route n' getyarself some goodol' fashion leather boots!

We also recommend ye get a pouch to store all ofyar treasures, as well asyar wallet, phone n' keys!

Learn more about the propergarb o' Buccaneers on Arrr Website!


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Fresh Plunder! New Products at Pirate Fashions

Arrrgh! We constantly be bringin' in new clothing, gear n' weapons from Arrr adventures across the Seven Seas! Arrr Fresh Plunder section be the place we stock all of arrr ill gotten loot that we bring into port. 

Recently we have added authentic new Buckle Shoes, n' the Ducks Foot Percussion Pistol! 

Don't forget to also submit pictures o' yar new garb to Pirate Fashions so we can see yar adventures. http://bit.ly/2oXPmNT

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The Convenience of Pirate Fashions Outfits

The easiest way to build a Pirate Fashions Outfit is by simply goin' through arrr pre-arranged combinations of arrr various garb n' gear! Fer Example: Take a look at the Port Royal Lady Captain Outfit!

Like all of Arrr outfits the Lady Captain neatly lists all of the recommendations we make when assembling yar clothing. Ye could literally scroll down the list n' add each item to yar cart o' loot on one page. Everythin' we recommend comes from arrr own experimentation aboard arrr ship n' workshop.

The Port Royal Outfit consists o' the Godiva Coat, a Buxom Bodice, a Thick Leather Pirate Belt, a Reversible Tortuga Skirt paired with a Lacy Duchess Skirt, Lady Buccaneer Boots, n' a Tortuga Blouse.

The only part that requires thought be the colors n' sizes o' what ye be choosin', but yar safe bet be contrasts with flashy colors! Ye will also need to choose yar accessories, but most of Arrr Outfits come with visual inspiration so ye will not be left alone at sea!

Browse all o' arrr outfits n' see how easy it is to assemble your Buccaneer Regalia!


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Pirate Fashions Outfits

Whether ye be a seasonedpirate or a first-time adventurer. Allarrr Adventurers should learn about Arrr Pirate Fashions Tier System!

The first Tier befer First Time Pirates n' Wenches! Itbe an affordable outfit n' a good foundationfer yarpiratey endeavors! Both male n' female variations come with the basics: a top, a bottom n' a midriff piece such as a bodice or sash! These outfits run from $100-$200 typically.

The second Tier be an intermediate outfit! Ferarrr pirates n' wenches lookin'fer an upgrade from the first Tier ye will find awaist coat,footgear, leather goods, skirts, hats n' basic weapons. Thisbe the Officer Tier when ye begin to establishyar clout as an adventurer, n' it typically runs at $200-$600.

The third n' final Tier befer the Captains o' the Ship! This be the tierfer elaborate Frock Coats, Corsets, Boots n' a greater stash o' weapons! Though itbe an advanced tier, there be no reason ye can't add ontoyar Officer's Outfit! Sailors spend between $400-$1200 on a Captain's Outfit.

To make it even easierfer ye to find the outfit ye be lookin'fer we have two distinctive styles. A Gentleman can be Fancyfer a day ashore or Rough like the seas! Both fit neatly into the Tier System but establish a distinct aesthetic. Ye could have a Poor Rough Captain n' a Fancy Seaman.

Fer Arrr Ladies o' Fortune we have a Proper Look or a Sexy Lookfer Tavern Hopping or attendin' the Governor's Ball! Regardless ye will be drawing the attention of many a rogue, friend or foe! Pickin' a style will help ye find what ye are lookin'fer more quickly in an easy to understand manner.

Usin' the Categories n' Style System ye are well onyar way toyar first pirate outfit or upgradin' yourself for a new adventure!

What ye see here isarrr "outfits" and not costumes. Instead of going with a cheap Halloween costume for one night ye have chosen the garb of a movie star or a high seasadventurerhttp://bit.ly/2jm8FuP

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