Kilted Pirate Outfit

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Here be arrrrr kilted outfit fer Celts, Irish, Scottish n Highlanders.  Pirates came from any country next to an ocean or sea, so aye there be pirates from Scotland n' Ireland.  Would a pirate wear a kilt? It may not have been practical aboard ship, but they surely could have worn it in port. A real pyrate would wear anything they damn well pleased.

We have matching kilts fer pirate n' wenches, plus accessories such as sock, flash n' sashes.

Suggested Color Combination: White Highlander Shirt, Black Watch or Royal Steward Tartan Kilt and Shoulder Sash, White Kilt Socks, Black Belt, Baldric n' Kilt Flash.


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Highlander Shirt


$ 59.00

Men's Tartan Kilt


$ 125.00

Highlander Shoulder Sash


$ 55.00

Kilt Flash


$ 15.00

Kilt Socks


$ 12.00

Jolly Big Pirate Belt


$ 60.00

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