Tortuga Women's Starter Outfit

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Here be arrrr new Tortuga Women's Starter Outfit.  This be a well made n' versatile outfit. Perfect if you are just starting out n' want something comfortable, arrrrrrgh!


Now come in 3 Color Options:
1) Red n Black
2) Green n Brown
3) Blue n Black


This outfit be reversible, so you already get two different looks to start with.  The first image be what ye get right out of the package. The second be by just adding a belt, bandana, hip scarf, tankard n dagger pistol.  The third be adding' the Godiva coat, a swashbuckler hat n' duchess skirt.


Doesn't Include: hat, sash, bandana, sandals, tankard or weapons.


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Tortuga Bodice Reversible


$ 65.00

Tortuga Skirt Reversible


$ 65.00

Saucy Pirate Wench Top


$ 35.00

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