ECU Lady Pirate

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Fer all those Greenville ladies from Eastern Carolina University who be needing an outfit fer those home games, where they be football, basketball or baseball, here be the pirate costume that will attract all the attention of yar male scurvy dogs. We have an entire selection of gold and purple plunder. Ye not find a better quality ECU lady pirate costume in the new world. Check out the matching Men's ECU pirate outfit.


Alternative outfit:
Half Wench Top in Purple 
Corsiar Underbust Corset in Black
Duchess Skirt in Golden Yellow
Lacy Duchess Skirt in Purple N Black


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Silk Bandana


$ 20.00

Corset Dress


$ 189.00

Half Wench Top


$ 25.00

Velvet Hip Scarf


$ 24.00

Corset Dress Pin Set


$ 30.00

Duchess Skirt


$ 99.00