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Pirate Fashions: Blackpowder Firearms

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For Arrr Rogues who be interested in Fully Functioning Blackpowder Weapons, Pirate Fashions has the quality n' authenticity that ye want! Many of Arrr weapons be designed in-house n' proof tested to ensure reliability. Some of these Pirate Fashions Designs result in Firearms ye will not find anywhere else on the Seven Seas!

They also have a life-time warranty as long as ye do not fire them by using a black powder substitute (trust us mateys, it matters.) Any breakage or failure due to manufacturers defect will be repaired at no cost.

For most merchants if ye were to fire the weapon at all ye would void yar warranty, think about that when you're looking for yar ideal pistol or rifle! Because of the Flintlock n' Pre-Flintlock Firing Systems they are defined as Antique Weapons by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco n' Firearms.

This makes black powder firearms easy fer us to ship within the U.S. with the exceptions of New York City, New Jersey n' Illinois. We will not ship Black Powder Firearms outside the U.S. Purchasing a black powder weapon is also very simple as it does not require a background check. Powder be a different story, as it be classified as an explosive! For yar powder needs we recommend arrr mates over at Powder Inc.

Though they be easy to purchase, we advise ye that polite society will still regulate where ye be carrying yar weapon as it is not a toy!

Learn more about Black Powder Firearms on arrr website n' of course, please use responsibly me hearties!

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