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Plannin' Yar Pirate Outfit!

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If we be plannin' an outfit from the top we recommend assemblin' the following.

Frock coats fer the high caliber pirate lookin' to strike the most dashing figure.

Waist coats fer a hot sunny day at sea, essential fer any semblance of piratical clout.

Simple or Fancy shirts to convey that ye be a sailin' man (or woman,) we have many options dependin' on the look ye be goin' fer!

Slops n' Knee Breeches, ye have the options to go historically accurate or a little more Hollywood look dependin' on yar preference!

Sashes, Bandanas n' Socks. All o' which should contrast with the rest of yar garb n' show ye mean business.

Tricorn Hats fer obvious reasons! They certainly go a long way to protect yar skin from the harsh Caribbean Sun.

Leather Gear to carry yar weapons n' supplies. A baldric be the most important part o' this so that ye can carry yar blades n' pistol. 

Footgear which could take the form o' authentic buckle shoes n' rope sandals. Or go the badass route n' get yarself some good ol' fashion leather boots!

We also recommend ye get a pouch to store all of yar treasures, as well as yar wallet, phone n' keys!

Learn more about the proper garb o' Buccaneers on Arrr Website!

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