Combination Black Powder Weapons

Combination weapons were popular in the time of pirates due to the fact that most all the black powder weapons be one shot only, no time to reload in the heat of a boarding action.  Having a second weapon on hand would be very convenient n' when you want a head turning, show stopping weapon these beauties belong in yar war chest. Sword pistols, axe pistols and cutlass pistols are exclusive made fer Pirate Fashions and ye won't find thar like anywhere else.

These are all hand made one of kind weapons n' the black powder pistols be proof tested n' fully functional firearms.  The blades are hardened steel n' offer the life time warranty of arrrrr stage combat blades.  The blades are not sharpened, as they are designed to be used in live steel stage combat.

NOTE: All flintlock weapon will only work with real black powder n' not with Pyrodex.  Pyrodex is a black powder substitute designed to work with percussion cap weapons.  It requires a higher temperature to ignite with a flash point of 740 degrees vs 320 degrees for black powder.  Black powder is considered an explosive because of this fact, n makes it more difficult to get due to extra safety requirements. The spark from a flint is not hot enough to light Pyrodex, which means you will get alot of misfires. 

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