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Muzzle Loading Black Powder Swivel Gun (Black Powder)

Title: 2 Pounder

This be a traditional muzzle loading swivel gun that most pyrates of the golden age really used. Because of their light weight, they could be moved easily to different parts of a ship, mounted a long boat, or brought on shore, making them very popular with pirates. Muzzle loading swivel guns could stand higher pressure, which allowed for more accurate long distant firing than the breech loading model, though a muzzle loader has a slower rate of fire.

• Comes in 1 sizes only:  1.25 - 2 pounder
• Lifetime warranty
• Fully functional cannon with drilled touch hole
• Certified proof tested
• Completely machined from steel
• Much stronger than cast iron with steel liners
• Uses 200 grains of black powder
• Barrel length is 18 inches
• Includes travel rest to hold up barrel
• Include tripod that can be broken down fer easy traveling
• Includes all the necessary tools: rammer, sponge, and worm

• 2 Pounder Length: 30", Weight: 31 lbs
• Tripod Weight: 16 lbs
• Tools Weight: 2.5 lbs
• Total Weight: 49.5 lbs

Note: Price increase due to cost increase.  Redesigned touch hole to fire with priming powder instead of a fuse, larger muzzel, better tools and nicer finish on tripod and can be broken down for packing

There may be an additional shipping charge on top of the regular shipping charge, so expect an additional invoice. All black powder weapons must be insured and ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day (Not Priority Mail like the shopping cart says) n' must be signed fer. It will be about $75 - $140 to ship depending on location, as we must build a wooden box to contain it all.