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poppet blouse white
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poppet blouse white
poet shirt black
Poppet Blouse
long sleeve detail

Poppet Blouse

$ 52.00

Virgin White
Pirate Black
Jolly Red
S/M 25-40 Shoulders
XL 30-50 Shoulders
XXL 35-55 Shoulders
3X 40-60 Shoulders

Here be a wonderful blouse, cause it shows off dar treasures that pyrates love best, our chest. Good fer the winter season, when ye want yar arms covered.

• Front opening with ties allows it to be worn with or without tying the knot
• It has a full elasticized shoulder for the classic renaissance look.
• Available in three different colors: Virgin White, Jolly Red, Pirate Black
• Made from Viscose Rayon, the first man made fiber in 1855. Unlike nylon n' polyester, this fabric is made from natural cellulose based raw material so it feels like cotton or linen.
•Perfect to wear under a corset


Small/Med 25 - 40 shoulders
XL 30 - 50 shoulders
XXL 35 - 55 shoulders
XXXL 40 - 60 shoulders

Washing Instructions Category 3: Wash Cold, Line Dry

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