Blue Pirate Outfit

This here blue pirate outfit be part of the rough officer line up, as it be a working men's garb with a waistcoat.  The dark navy blue Highlander shirt, Sea Wolf knee breeches, n' tropical pirate sash be off set with the lighter Royal Blue Sea Wolf Waistcoat. The black tricorn hat with blue rosette cockade n' striped blue and white sock complete this dashing ensemble. See matching Blue Ladies Pirate outfit.

Blue be a very popular color with pirates, the navy n' sailors in general, yarrrr! This rough officers costume be a mixture of navy n' royal blue garb that looks dashing. Blue be th color of sky n' sea. Indigo dye made from the Indiofera plant be imported from India in the 15th century. Blue color represents calmness or serenity as well as stability n' reliability.

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