Calipso's Potion Bottle

Color: Purple

Here be some colorful round bottles to carry any of yar favoritie potions. The color helps hid yar contents, but ye can see how much ye still have. Nice, simple n' affordable design, nothing fancy about this one.

The black leather strap will hold it security to yar belt n' will fit belts up to 2.5 inches wide. The knot work is all done by our lovely shop wenches. The cork be tied to the bottle so ye will not lose it in a drunken state. This be a Pirate Fashions original ye won't find elsewhere.

NOTE: New Clip system has replaced the buckle system.  This allows for easy on-an-off access so ye can sip yar grog with ease. 

Bottle hold 3.4 oz, weighs: 9.6oz