Crow's Nest Pirate Hat

Like the Cavalier or Swashbuckler hat, but it's cocked in the front instead of the side. This allows fer an unobstructed view of the forward position, perfect fer a matie up in the crow's nest with a spyglass. This is a hat that only a pirate would wear, as a colonial would wear a tricorne, and a muskeer would wear a swashbuckler. Doesn't include a hat pin, but look really good with one on it.  We no longer include a hat ribbon band on this hat as it doesn't fit the rough look of some one up in the rigging. Perfect fer the Mask of the Red Death Cosplay.

Go to theHat Accessories Page to order the optional hat pin, cockadeso' individual feathers.

Note: Each hat is hand made to order, so it will take3 to6 days to completebefore it ships.