Bolero Pants

Color: Jolly Red
Size: Small/Medium

Here be the first set of pantaloons we offer fer roguish women who be lookin fer an outfit that allows them a wide range of motion.  With a comfortable wide leg design with an adjustable pull up ruffle at the sides, these pants be perfect fer lady pirates looking for a comfortable outfit that's both stylish and battle ready.  These pantaloons can be used in a range of looks, n' can be dressed up fer a perfect commandeering captain look, or dressed down fer the common tomboyish wench 

• Internal string to hike up the side of the pant leg to show off yar boots.
• Comes in 4 colors: black, blue, red, and burgundy
• Matches the same color and fabric as the vixen skirt, lady pirate top, Gaspar skirt n' saucy wench tops
• 100% cotton, machine washable
* Comes in two sizes

Washing instructions Category 4