Captain Hook Coat

Size: Small
Color: Burgundy with Gold

Where ye be wanted the perfect fancy captain pirate coat, so you can portray someone like Captain James Hook.  We added a super fancy lacing to add bing, took out the front and cuff button to keep the coat down. The frock coat comes in two color options, Red fer those Capt Hook types and blue fer those Capt Charming types, arrrgh!

But it can also be used fer any Fancy Captain Pirate outfit as well. Perfect when you want a high quality functional coat instead of a cheap halloween costume. This coat goes perfect with the Custom Ladies Formal Gown. This be arrr affordable fancy captain pirate frock coat. Instead of our typical button-fronts or lapels, this coat features metallic lace down the font n' on the cuffs to add a fine, wealthy appearance.

100% light weight cotton Damask fabric

  • Fully lined 
  • 18 metal buttons
  • Two functional pockets
  • Cuff come in 3 lengths: Short, Regular, Long
  • Handsome metallic gold lace

Washing instructions Category 2: Hand wash, Line dry

Note:  If you be wanting the traditional Red pirate coat with gold trim, take a look at the Captain Morgan Coat.