Lacy Duchess Skirt

Color: Black Lace

This be the lace version of arrrr very popular Duchess skirt. There be 3 different kinds of lace in this skirt, great fer showing off a little leg. This skirt be amazing when layered over another skirt n' will help make the most of yar hourglass figure when worn with a corset.

• Made of 25 yards of polyester fabric
• Perfect fer layering over arrrr other skirts
• Elastic waistband fits a 26 to 56 inch waist n' the skirt is 37 inches long
• Great to drape and swirl around fer dancing
• Lace version in a variety of colors to match yer outfit!

Washing instructions Category 3: Wash cold in a delicates bag, line dry

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.