Sexy Sassy Sea Skirt

Color: Jolly Red
Size: Small/Med 26-32

This be the new improved Sassy Sea Skirt.  It be high in the front, low in the back with lace all around the edge.  Perfect fer the wench who be wanting to show a lot of leg, yarrrr!
• Made of 100% cotton fer hot days n' even hotter nights
• Elastic waistband in the back with a 4.5 waistband in front
• Great fer layering on top of other skirts, such as the lacy duchess
• Comes in 4 different colors which match the lady pirate blouse n' saucy wench top.

Small/Med 2 -  32 waist 
Large/XL  30  -  40 waist

Washing Instructions Category 3: Wash Cold, Line Dry 

Note: White skirt currently comes with Black Lace Trim only