Duchess Skirt

Color: Pirate Black

Here be arrrr most popular, elegant full skirt, fer ladies of proper breeding or those who steal from them. This skirt be amazing and makes the most of yar hourglass figure when worn with a corset.  There is also a lacy version of the Duchess skirt. The Duchess is one skirt only, which can be used as either an overskirt or an underskirt/petticoat.  These full skirts be perfect fer princesses who be needing some extra poof to their ballgowns, or fer ye roaming gypsies who want good action to yer skirts when dancing. These versatile skirts layer and gather beautifully, with just a few tucks and gathers you can make it into a high low overskirt or an elegant bustle.  It looks best in combination with other skirts as seen in many of the photo examples.

• Made of 25 yards of cotton fabric!
• Perfect fer layering with arrrr other skirts
• Elastic (26 to 56 waist) one size fits most, 37 inches long.
• Great to drape and swirl around fer dancing
• Available in 10 grand colors.

Washing instructions Category 3: wash cold, line dry

NOTE: Black with Red ruffles is not as full and only has 3 tiers instead of 5, it only has 15 yards.

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.