Lacy Lady Chemise

Color: Black - Black Lace
Size: LG 32-38

This be the perfect chemise fer the modern wench.  With lace trim n' ruching at the waist,  it has a flattering fit n' flair silhouette than that of a traditional chemise which be shapeless n' plain.  We took design elements from some of our most popular pieces, n' combined it all together into one comfortable dress that you can wear by itself or with tons of accessories.

• Made from 100% natural cotton for comfort n' breathability.
• Lace-up design at the bust allows wearer to adjust to be modest or to show off the girls
• Elastic ruching at the waist adjusts to different sizes while maintaining a flattering fit
• Comes in 3 colors to match arrrr entire line of garb
• Has a lovely black lace trim along the hem, sleeve cuffs, n' collar
• High-Low hem, the front be 9 inches shorter than the back

Washing instructions Category 3: Wash cold in delicates bag, line dry