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Luscious Lacy Lady Skirt
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Luscious Lacy Lady Skirt
Luscious Lacy Lady Skirt

Luscious Lacy Lady Skirt

$ 80.00

Jolly Red
Emerald Green
Sea Blue
Royal Burgundy
Pirate Black
Small 28-34
Medium 32-38
Large 36-42
XXL 40-46

This be arrrr revision of arrrr popular Gasparilla skirt. We made 3 changes: it wider or fuller at the bottom, ties on the bottom instead of the top and 3 ties instead of 2..  The skirt can be worn as a full length skirt, up a little in the front, or all the way up to show off a lot of leg .  The Gasparilla skirt can be worn by itself or layered under or over another skirt.

• Made from 100% natural cotton for comfort n' breathability.
• 3 ties to hike the skirt all the way up at the front
• Elastic waistband in back adjusts to different sizes
• Perfect by itself or as an overskirt
• Come in 5 colors to match arrrr Lady Pirate Blouses n' arrrr Saucy Pirate Wench Tops
• Has lovely black lace trim along the bottom edge n' on each layer of the back

Washing instructions Category 3: Wash cold in delicates bag, line dry

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