Molly Roger on the Compass Rose

Style: Deep V Tee
Size: Small

Avast, this be arrr most popular style of tank o' tee. Strut around in this shirt n' ye will catch the eye of every seadog around. Made of quality 97% cotton n' 3% Spandex fer lots of elasticity to tightly cling to yer bountiful body. This Molly has her long hair entangle in a compass rose.  Comes in a pirate black ladies tank or fitted tee.   Molly be the little sister of olde Jolly Rogers n' the big sister of Siren, the Pirate Mermaid.

Tanktops n'Fitted Tees sizes:
Small be size 0-4 or a 27-32" chest
Large be size 8-12 or a 34-40" chest
XXL is size 16-18 or a 42-47" chest
Washing instructions Category 4