Steel Mini Swivel Gun (Black Powder)

Title: 62 Cal.

This steel muzzle loading swivel gun be a great durable cannon. This sized cannon is easy to move around and mount on Tiny Pirate Boats. Swival gun ve very popular with pyrates of the golden age.   Just need a strong wooden post to drill a 1/2 inch mounting hole in.

• 5 year warranty
• Black Powder signaling cannon, not designed to shoot cannon balls
• Fires with wooden mallet on percussion cap (included 6 caps) or with fuse
• Made of solid Steel
• Uses 75 grains of black powder
• Barrel length is 12 inches
• Removeable Teak Wood aiming handle
• Include swivel to drill into wooden post for mount
• Includes all the necessary tools: mallet, rammer, sponge, and worm
Wooden Stand and Mounting Brackets not included

• Length: 20.5", Weight: 6 lbs 2 ozs

All black powder weapons must be insured and ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day (Not Priority Mail like the shopping cart says) n' must be signed fer.