Calico Pirate Bandana Scarf

Color: Hisbiscus Floral

These pirate bandanas be made of calico, which be a printed cotton fabric often with a small overall pattern, often floral. Calico be originally from the city of Calcutta. This fine fabric be specially popular with the pirates, as with Calico Jack, also know as Captain Jack Rackham.
• Comes in many different colors or patterns, we only have a limited amount in stock n' may not get any more of a particular pattern in stock, so get them while the pattern is still available!
• Made of 100% cotton with seamed edge
• This be made in a large triangle shape of 32x32x50, so you don't have to fold it.
• Made of a cotton that is light and breathable
• Perfect fer both pirates and wenches

HINT: You should always wear a bandana under a pirate hat fer the proper look n' to keep yar hat clean.

NOTE: Many of these fabrics we be getting arrrr of a limited, one-time supply, so if ye see one ye like, best be ordering it before it be all gone!

We have some Merchantmen Sashes in the same matching calico as the bandanas

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.


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