Linen Pirate Bandana

Color: Autumn Gold

A pirate's bandana, headscarf o' kerchief be used to keep their own sweat and blood out of their eyes. One should always be worn under a pirate hat.

• Comes in a variety of colors
• Made of 100% linen with seamed edge
• This be made in a large triangle shape of approximately 32x32x50 inches, so you don't have to fold it.
• Perfect fer both pirates n' wenches
• Gives nice, long tails to tie n' this is what gives a pirate bandana its unique look.
• Matchs perfectly with arrr Linen Pirate Sashes
• Linen is 3 time stronger than cotton, so it will last almost forever
•When you first get the bandana, it may be a bit stiff, but once you wash it a few times, it will get really soft.

HINT: When tying yarrr bandana, tie it right behind one of yar ears so you won't have a big knot on the back of yar head when you go to sleep in yarrr hammock!

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