Lady Corsair Wesket

Color: Black N Crimson Red
Size: Large 38-40 Chest

Fer those who want to wear an underbust corset, or no corset at all, we present the women's waistcoat! This piece matches with the men's corsair wesket n' boucanier breeches so you n' yer mate  can compliment each other. Women's versions of men's military outfits were very popular during the 17th and 18th centuries.

• Made of durable black cotton canvas, fully lined with a cotton/linen blend
• Cool in hot weather n' maneuverable fer fighting
• Great when you want to stand out from the crowd
• 10 real metal buttons in a pewter color
• Back adjustment panel to give a fitted look

These garments be made here at Pirate Fashions n' it may take an extra 1 to 3 weeks to receive yer order.

Washing instructions Category 2: Hand wash, line dry


*** There be a new Burgundy in town!  The Old Burgundy be more of a Crimsony Red Burgundy with Pewter Fancy buttons which we be phasing out,[the fabric, not the buttons.]  The New Burgundy be more of an eggplant burgundy with more purple in it.  It also comes with the Brass Fancy buttons instead of the Pewter.  Please note we cannot get any more of the Old Burgundy, so get it while ye can!