Sea Dog Flintlock Holster

Style: Black Right Pistol

Here be arrrrr newest design, the one that combines n' replaces the older gunner's and pirate holsters.   It fit most real Black Powder Pistols as well as all the large replica pirate pistols.

• Made of heavy duty leather

* Available in right and left hand pistol (pistols with the flintlock being on the left side is very rare, but we do carry left hand locks on one replica and one black powder pistol) 

• Holster protects the pistol lock instead of exposing it to getting damaged

• Fit on belts up to 2.5 inch wide

• Has a leather lace to piece tie yar pistol for extra security as well as most event require it.

* Extra wide holster is designed for multi-barrel pistols n' dragon (blunderbuss pistols) only.