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corsair wesket medallion
Corsair Wesket
Corsair Wesket
Corsair Wesket
Corsair Wesket
corsair wesket
Corsair Wesket
corsair wesket button detail
corsair wesket back view
corsair wesket side view
Corsair Wesket

Corsair Wesket

$ 149.00

Burgundy N Black
Crimson Red N Black
Gold N Black
Pewter N Black
Blue N Black
Med 36-40
Large 41-44
XL 45-48

Here be another Pirate Fashion original that goes with arrr matching Boucanier breeches. This be a short vest popular during the Napoleonic Wars & War of 1812 (though similar vests have shown up in pirate movies set during the Golden Age, like Cutthroat Island!).

• Made of black 100% cotton canvas with a rich taffeta facing.   
• Back adjustment panel accommodates a larger range of sizes and gives a fitted look
• Cool in hot weather n' maneuverable fer fighting, fully lined in arrrr linen/cotton blend
• Great fer when you want something that is different that will stand out from the crowd
• 12 real metal buttons in a pewter color (gold buttons for gold taffeta)

Note: This wesket will look best if you ware wearing a wide sash under it, otherwise you will have a gap between the wesket n' yar breeches.

These garments be made right here at Pirate Fashions, sometimes we have them in stock, but many times we will have to make them once you order them, so it may take an extra 1 to 3 week to receive yer order.

Washing instructions Category 2: hand wash, line dry

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