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Scottish Dirk
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Scottish Dirk
Scottish Dirk
Scottish Dirk

Scottish Dirk

$ 95.00

Dirk be a long thrusting dagger, this one also be called a Highland Dirk.  This not be related to the naval dirk, but developed from he 16th century bullock or rondel dagger. The Scottish Dirk become popular part of military equipment with the Jacobite Risings.

This be perfect accessory when wearing one off arrr Men's Tartan Kilts.

• Includes leather scabbard with nickel furniture
• Carbon steel 12 inch decorated etched blade
• Hardwood Carved Handle with metal studs

• Overall Length: 20.5", Weight: 1.6 lbs.

 Due to the length of this weapon, it doesn't qualify fer free shipping.

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