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Wicked Wench Socks
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Black and Red Striped Wicked Wench Socks
Wicked Wench Socks
Wicked Wench Socks
Red Over-the-knee Socks
Black and Grey Striped Wicked Wench Socks
Black Crochet Over The Knee Socks
Wicked Wench Socks

Wicked Wench Socks

$ 12.00

Red N Black
Crimson Red N Black
Yellow N Black
Black N White
Purple N Black
Green N Black
Burgundy N Black
Teal N Purple
Blue N Black

This type of sock be crafted in the Elizabethan period, before the invention of fishnet stockings.

Here be fine 97% cotton knee socks which be perfect for warm weather pirate ports, as cotton breathes well in hot climates. Great with boots, buckle shoes or sandals. 3 inches of elastic ribbing at the top.

The ladder knit keeps yar legs cooler while showing a little skin to keep the rogues' attention.

• Length: 28 inches, One size fits most

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