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wench thigh holster example
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wench thigh holster example
wench thigh holster back view

Wench Thigh Holster

$ 36.00

Right Handed
Left Handed
Small 15-25
Large 20-32

Here be a sexy way to wear one of arrr Ladie's Flintlock o' Pocket Pistols.
• Made of thick but soft black leather.
• Comes in two sizes: 20 inches or 30 inches around the thigh.
• Belt loop is adjustable from 10 inches on the small and 15 inches on the large. Will fit on a 3 inch wide belt, n' the belt loop can be taken off if ye just want to wear it around yer thigh
• Comes with a black peace tie

• This holster will only fit 3 pistols: Ladies Flintlock Pistol, Ladies Pocket Pistol n' Russian Flintlock Pistol

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