Breech Loading Snaphaunce Pistol (Black Powder)

Title: Breech Loading Snaphounce Pistol

This be our 1570's Dutch snaphaunce pistol with a screw breech loading mechanism. Came into very limited used toward the end of the 16th century due to difficulty in manufacturing, though it worked very well fer the few that could afford the high cost.

The snaphauce lock was the attempt to create an alternative to the wheellock.  but the wheel locks were cheaper and easier to make, and didn't need a spanner key.  Snaphaunce locks were used from 1540 to around 1600. 

This is a one of a kind weapon, a hand made pistol and no others will be made.  

• Certified proof tested
• Lifetime warranty
• .62 caliber
• 10.5 inch steel barrel

Includes Belt Hook, so holster is not needed
• Beautiful maple hard wood
• Includes spanner key
• Steel barre, lock, trigger guard
• Functional black powder pistol with drilled vent hole
• Simulated ivory inlay throughout stock with scrimshaw etching
• Hickory ramrod
• Ball butt

All black powder weapons ship by Fed Ex Ground - 5 day (Not Priority Mail like the shopping cart says) n' must be signed fer.

• Length: 18", Weight: 3 lbs 11 oz