Pirate Weapons Armory

What's the fun of being a pirate, if ye don't carry a weapon, or two, or better yet a whole boat load of pirate weapons like Blackbeard.  We carry the largest selection of pirate weapons in the seven seas.  We try to carry the type of weapons that actually used. Other stores carry a Civil War Saber or even a Japanese Katana and call it a Pirate Cutlass, or a late model flintlock pistol  that was used 100 year after the Golden Age of pirates and call it a perfect pistol fer pirates.  We do arrrr best to research and inform ye of arrrr weapons time era. 

Firearms vs Breast Plate Video


Under arrrrr Replica Fire Arms Section (which will not fire blackpowder or projectiles, you can cock the hammer back and pull the trigger to make a clicking sound, n' there are even a few percussion pistol that will fire a plastic cap to make a bang, we have three different sections:

Large Flintlock

Small Flintlocks

Multi-Barrel Pistols


What's better than have a brace of pistols in yar belt? It's having a brace of flintlock pistols that you can actually load with black powder n' fire lead balls with!  We hand make most of arrrrr Pirate Black powder firearms arrrrselves. Sometimes we make every part here at Pirate Fashions, sometimes we get parts from quality suppliers such as Loyalist Arms and Blackley N' Son.  100% of arrr working black powder firearms have be proof tested using the British standard of triple the load and two balls.  We also warranty each of arrrr firearms fer life.  When ye purchase yer black powder weapon you get a free 8 hour black powder class be so ye can learn how to use yar weapons safely n' how to care fer it properly. 


Black Powder Accessories

Black Powder Cannons N Swivel Guns

Black Powder Blunderbuss

Black Powder Pirate Flintlock Pistols

Black Powder Buccaneer Matchlock Muskets

Black Powder Percussion Pistols

Black Powder Wheellock Firearms

Black Powder Training Class


Every cutthroat should have Pirate Edged Weapons in addition to a firearm.  Pirates used many different edged weapons, but they are best known fer welding a cutlass.  In a world full of swords, it's impossible to believe that almost NO one offers a true pirate sword.  Many vendors try to call Renaissance rapiers, French Cavalry sabers and American Civil War cutlass'  true Golden Age pirate hangers.  A pirate hanger was a short sword that was easy to learn n' good at hacking rope and flesh, unlike the long rapiers of the day that required lots of training and was best at stabbing.  So all the Errol Flynn pirate movies which used the fencing foils be incorrect, though it looked flashy. The shell guard cutlass be the most common true pirate sword n' be very difficult to find. We offer three levels of pirate swords, which one you buy depends on how you plan to use them: Heavy daily combat, occasional light fighting or no sword fighting at all.

Stage Combat Pirate Cutlass

Battle Ready Pirate Swords

Display Only Pirate Hanger


The next category of Pirate edged weapons be divided into larger non-sharp weapons meant for stage combat or a smaller sharp knives meant to be uses as functional cutting tools.  We also carry a wide range of misc weapons.

Pirate Daggers, Bayonets N Dirks: non-sharp 

Sharp Pirate Knife

Misc Pirate Weapons: Hooks, Axes N Belaying Pins

Pirate Floggers, Whips N Cat O Nine Tails

Weapons Bag
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Dagger Frog
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