Saucy Pirate Wench Top

Color: Virgin White
Size: S/M

Here be arrr classic top, features a lace up front that allow more display of the treasured chest.    This fine Lady Pirate top not be a cheap polyester Halloween Costume.
•Featuring 3/4 length sleeves, the proper length fer the Golden Age of Piracy time period.
• Made from 100% cotton so it will breath in hot weather n' under yar corset.
• 3 Elastic bands around the middle, perfect to wear under a corset or bodice
• Comes in 8 Colors: Virgin White, Pirate Black, Jolly Red, Burgundy, Saffron Gold, Kelly Green, Royal Blue, N Princess Pink. Each color has a subtle two tone blotchy pattern, except for the white and black which are solid.

• These run on the small side N' it be better to be loose for almost falling off yar shoulder look

Washing Instructions Category 3: Wash Cold, Line Dry