Ladies Riding Hat

Size: Petite 7
Color: Red

This be arrrr ladies riding hat.  Popular during the the late pirate era n' perfect fer steampunk as well, this elegant head gear will catch the eye of many a pyrate. This be a high quality, hand made hat, designed to last many years without sagging.

• Comes in black suede
• 2 Options: red suede belt with brass buckle or gray suede belt with nickel buckle
• Flat crown design
• Removable feather pin

Sizing Chart

Size 7 = (Petite) 22 inches or 57 centimeters 
Size 7 1/8 = (Regular) 22 3/8 inches or 57 centimeters  
Size 7 1/4 = (Full) 22 3/4 inches or 58 centimeters 
Size 7 3/8 = (Extra Full) 23 1/8 inches or 59 centimeters 

As seen in Movies, TV series, Museum, News Show, n' Disney.