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1680's Pirate Silk Gown
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1680's Pirate Silk Gown
1680's Turquoise Pirate Gown

Sea Green Silk Gown

$ 975.00

Turquoise Silk Gown

Here be a stunning sea green silk gown with stomacher, pastel green underskirt, white lace top and belt. The dress has a long Mantua train n' be perfect fer Buccaneer Era and early Golden Age pirate events.

This be a special one-of-kind outfit plundered... we mean rescued.....from a very talented merchant aboard a sinking vessel, if ye know what I mean. Used in a period opera.

Bust: 35 inches, Waist: 31 inches
Condition: Excellent (A)
Garment care Category 1: Dry clean only

Condition Issues: Belt eyelets are loose; unfinished hem on underskirt at back; loose threads on under-sleeves; silk beginning to fray in some places.

Note: Opera gowns are for theatrical purposes n' are not made using regular garment construction, making them a bit more delicate to wear.

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